RSA Clubs

Receiving important updates

Association Executives can receive important updates from National Office in a number of ways:

  • The Association Update is a monthly newsletter from National Office that is distributed by District Executives. If your Association is not receiving this update, please contact your District Executive to ensure they have the correct contact details for your executive. You can find past editions here.
  • Association Updates Facebook Group. National Office has recently created a Private Facebook Group for Association Executives to receive immediate important information, and general updates. The page also allows Association Executives to seek support and advice from other Associations - all in a private forum. You can join the Association Updates Facebook Page here.

RSA Branding

You can find RSA Logos and guidelines for use here.
Please ensure you read and understand the Brand Guidelines before using the RSA logo.

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Deals for RSAs

We’re using the combined purchasing power of the RSA network to offer you a range of special deals.

Thanks to the support of our commercial partners, you’re now able to save money on power and gas, a range of goods like stationery, fuel and food, insurance, and more.

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Poppy Trusts

Helpful imormation and links are available for Associations operating Poppy Trusts.

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Health and Safety

The safety and well-being of your employees, customers and volunteers is paramount. Is health and safety a priority at your RSA?

Following the Health and Safety Reform Bill in July 2015, Workplace Health and Safety has changed significantly. Learn all you need to know about the new HSSE reform bill and how these changes could affect you.

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Provisional Membership

This brand new category of membership allows anyone to visit your RSA and spend money on your entertainment offering – just like any other member. With Provisional Membership, the membership lasts for one month – it can’t be rolled over. What a great way to trial your RSA’s hospitality!

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Club Cards

Receive free RSA member benefits cards for your members!

RSAs can use the personalised Club Cards as a way to attract new members and connect with others they may not have seen in the club for a while. National Office has managed to fund the Club Cards through sponsorship, making them free for RSAs and their members.

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