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Support Clinics

Who can come to a support clinic? 

The RSA support clinics are designed to introduce eligible people to the support that might be available to them. 

The RSA provides support to all New Zealand's veterans of military service and their whānau, this includes: 

  • Army, Navy and Air Force personnel regardless of whether or not they have deployed on operations 
  • Regular Force and Reserve Force  
  • Compulsory Military Training (CMT) 
  • National Service 
  • Home Guard 
  • Land Girls 
  • Merchant Navy


The RSA also provides support to whānau, surviving spouses and partners of all the above groups. 


What happens at a support clinic? 

The RSA’s support advisors will be on hand to answer any questions you have about your support needs, now or in the future. 

You will have a one-on-one conversation with a support advisor and talk through your individual or family needs. The support advisor will be able to advise you of what you are currently eligible for, and how to apply for support – as well as connect you with the appropriate Government and Service agencies to ensure your future needs are looked after. 


What kind of support could I get? 

The RSA provides a wide range of support itself, but also acts as a conduit for people to learn about and access the welfare support available from Government agencies such as Veterans’ Affairs and MSD. 

At a support clinic you could: 

  • Talk to a support advisor and identify what options are available to you to get support in the community 
  • Apply for support from the RSA – this could range from advocacy, support for financial hardship, emergency accommodation or support for family members. 
  • Get assistance with applications to Veterans’ Affairs for conditions you believe may be related to your service. If these conditions are accepted by Veterans Affairs, you may be eligible for financial compensation, funded treatment and rehabilitation, or income compensation if you are unable to work. 
  • Get help determining your eligibility for support from Veterans’ Affairs for you to remain independent in your own home.  


Why should I come to a clinic? 

You don’t know what you don’t know. 

There could be a whole host of support you are eligible for without even knowing it. Things that could make your everyday life easier or make life easier for the family members that support you. 

There is absolutely no obligation to apply for any of the support that is discussed – these clinics are about letting you know your options and helping you to access support if you need it. 

And best of all – it costs you absolutely nothing to come along and have a chat.