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RNZRSA Modernisation Programme

Stage One: Update to Constitution

This page provides updates on the process for updating the RNZRSA's Constitution - and the Model Constitution for RSA Associations.

This page will be regularly updated as the Constitution Working Group makes information available - so please keep checking back.

Page last updated: 18 July 2024


Support to New Zealand's veterans of military service and their whānau remains the core purpose of the organisation. A workshop held at the RNZRSA's National Council in 2022 identified the need to change how we deliver that support to better meet the needs of future generations, and ensure the RSA movement has a sustainable future.

Another key driver for constitutional change is legislative compliance. To meet the Incorporated Societies deadline for re-registration of Societies of 5 April 2026, RNZRSA must include any organisation changes in both the RNZRSA Constitution and the Model Constitution for RSA Associations. 

A Constitution Working Group was formed to look at the options available to address the issues that have been identified.

In late February 2024, a second National Council Workshop was held to canvass ideas from Associations on what the future governance model for the RNZRSA should look like. 

The feedback from the Workshop has been collated, analysed and incorporated into the Draft Constitution which is available for download at the bottom of this page.

Consultation Process

The new RNZRSA Constitution Draft is a comprehensive legal document, and the Constitution Working Group want to make the process as easy as possible for everyone to understand the proposed changes and their implications.

A Constitution Changes Document has been created and is now available for download at the bottom of this page. This document breaks down the proposed changes. Each existing clause which has been identified for change appears alongside the new proposed clause, and an explanation for the change.

To make it as easy as possible, the changes are also highlighted in three different categories, those that are legally required, those that help with clarity and clear up anomalies; and those that make improvements.

The draft Model Constitution for RSA Associations has now been released. This document is also available for download at the bottom of this page.

It is important to read both documents for full context, and to help prepare for re-registration by 5 April 2026 (as required by the Incorporated Societies Act).  

The Constitution Working Group are seeking feedback on both documents during the consultation period which runs from 8 - 25 July 2024.

A number of online and in-person opportunities are available for Associations to be briefed on the proposed changes - timings and locations are outlined below.

How can you find out more about the changes?

Join us at any of the following constitution consultation sessions in July where you will:

  • Receive a presentation which covers why we need to update the constitution, highlighting key sections of change and expanding on the explanations provided in the Draft Constitution Changes document. 
  • Be able to ask questions.
  • Learn the process for providing formal feedback on the proposed changes.

The online sessions are scheduled to run for approximately one hour.  Links for the sessions are available now, but the meetings will not be live until the advertised start time.

 The in-person sessions being held around the country are scheduled to run for approximately two hours. 

Scheduled Consultation Sessions

 *Note: Click on the link beside your chosen Online Consultation Session to join the meeting. Meetings will not be active online until the advertised start time.

Thursday 18 July

12-1pm: Online consultation session: https://rnzrsa.info/Login_Consultation_18Jul_12pm

Friday 19 July

12-1pm: Online consultation session: https://rnzrsa.info/Login_Consultation_19Jul_12pm

Saturday 20 July

12-2pm: Napier/Hastings in-person consultation session
Taradale and Districts RSA, 156 Gloucester St, Taradale

Sunday 21 July

12-1pm: Wellington in-person consultation session
Location TBC 

Monday 22 July

6-7pm: Online consultation session: https://rnzrsa.info/Login_Consultation_22Jul_6pm

Tuesday 23 July

12-2pm: Christchurch in-person consultation session
Templeton RSA, 38 Kirk Rd, Templeton

More in-person locations may be added if logistics and time allow. Any additions will be notified here and via the email newsletter.

How to Give Feedback

Constitution Feedback Process

The most important part of any consultation process is getting constructive feedback to ensure we are getting things right.

You are able to submit feedback anytime during the consultation period on the new draft of the RNZRSA Constitution and the draft Model Constitution for RSA Associations.

You can have your say by submitting your written feedback to review@rsa.org.nz. - please use the feedback form available for download at the bottom of this page.

If you have thoughts on either of the Draft documents, please consider making a formal feedback submission. Your input is valuable and will help us ensure we remain a relevant organisation able to better support New Zealand’s veterans of military service and their whānau.

Feedback must be submitted by 25 July 2024.

Please ensure you include your name and the RSA or the Organisation you are affiliated with. No anonymous feedback will be accepted.

Feedback is being documented and summarised on an ongoing basis to be used to draft a final new RNZRSA Constitution. 

Next Steps:

  • A remit for the new RNZRSA Constitution will go up on 1 August 2024
  • The new RNZRSA Constitution will be presented to National Council on the 16th and 17th of October this year

Note: there is no remit for the Model Constitution for RSA Associations, just for the RNZRSA Constitution.

The draft Model Constitution for RSA Associations consultation and work will go on past 25 July until at least mid-October. More workshop-style sessions will be planned around this document. 


Constitution Consultation Documents

Constitution and Consultation Brief to Presidents Forum - 25 June 2024

474 KB | PDF


The Constitution: Background Information

1015 KB | PDF


Constitution Changes Document

449 KB | PDF


Constitution Feedback Form Template

22 KB | DOCX


Full Draft RNZRSA Constitution (July 2024).

469 KB | PDF


Draft Model Constitution for RSA Associations July 2024.

531 KB | PDF


Constitution Consultation Presentation (July 2024).

406 KB | PDF