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Music for Commemorative Events

Music can often be the heart of a commemorative service. Honour New Zealand's veterans of military service and keep proud military traditions alive by including some of these pieces in your service.


Not many people know that we have two official National Anthems of the same standing in New Zealand – God Save the King and God Defend New Zealand.

You can download both National Anthems performed by the New Zealand Army Band here:

God Save the King (music only)
God Save the King (music and vocals)

God Defend New Zealand (music only)
God Defend New Zealand (music and vocals)

Musical scores for both anthems can be found on the Ministry for Culture & Heritage website.


Playing both the Australian and New Zealand National Anthems reinforce our Anzac bonds. When both anthems are played at a service, we recommend playing the Australian Anthem first as a mark of respect to our mates across the ditch.

You can download the Australian National Anthem performed by the New Zealand Army Band here:

Australian National Anthem (music only)
Australian National Anthem (music and vocals)

The sheet music for the Australian National Anthem can be downloaded here and the words can be downloaded here.


The Last Post started as a bugle call used in military camps to signal the end of the day. Today it sounds as a final farewell to the fallen, symbolising that their duty is over and they can rest in peace.

The Last Post can be played live at your ceremony or you can download a version played by the New Zealand Army Band below.

The Last Post


The Rouse is a bugle call most often associated with the military in Commonwealth countries. It’s commonly played following the Last Post at commemorative services, and is often referred to as the Reveille.

You can download a recording of the Rouse performed by the New Zealand Army Band below.

The Rouse.