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RNZRSA's 108th National Council





The 108th National Council will be held over two days, 16 and 17 October at Sky Stadium in Wellington.

Planning is underway and this page will be updated as more information is confirmed and made available. Please keep checking back.

Page last updated: 9 July 2024


This year's National Council promises to be action packed with a number of proposed changes to the RNZRSA constitution to be considered, and an election to fill the vacant Vice President role alongside ceremonial activity and networking opportunities.

Associations wanting to take part are encouraged to attend in person to ensure their voices are heard and make the most of the opportunity to come together with other delegates. Those Associations unable to send a delegate to Wellington are still able to fully participate online.


Registrations are now open.

Delegates: All delegates are required to register by entering their details at the link provided below.


In-person: Observers wishing to attend in-person are required to register by entering their details at the link provided below.

Online: Observers who will be viewing online are not required to register, however those who choose to register will receive all the supporting documentation for National Council direct to their email.

Register for National Council here

Notices of Motion

Guidelines for submitting Notices of Motion can be found at clause 10.5 of the RNZRSA Constitution and clause 14.1 of the RNZRSA Bylaws. Both these documents are available online.

All Notices of Motion for consideration at National Council should be submitted by email to: nationalcouncil@rsa.org.nz 

Notices of Motion proposing changes to the RNZRSA Constitution must be submitted by 1 August 2024, while all other Notices of Motion must be submitted by 28 August 2024.


Nominations for National Vice President election

An election will be held during National Council to fill the vacant National Vice President position.

Information on the role and process for appointing a National Vice President can be found from para 6.1 of the RNZRSA Constitution and from para 12.10 of the RNZRSA Bylaws.

Nominations for the role should be submitted to nationalcouncil@rsa.org.nz using the form which can be downloaded at the bottom of this page. All nominations must be received by 28 August 2024.

Once nominees have been confirmed, candidates will be asked to complete the questionnaire which can be downloaded at the bottom of this page to provide additional information for voters. 


Proxy votes

Associations that are not able to send a delegate to attend National Council in-person are able to attend online.

Online attendees are able to fully participate in National Council and will have the ability to vote during the meeting which should eliminate the need to vote by proxy.

In the unlikely event that an Association cannot provide a delegate either in-person or online, they can appoint a Proxy using the form which can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

All submissions for voting by Proxy must be submitted by email to nationalcouncil@rsa.org.nz no later than 18 September 2024.

Travel, Transport and Accommodation

Associations and Affiliates are responsible for their own travel, transport and accommodation requirements. No transport will be provided from accommodation to Sky Stadium.

Car Parks will be available at the Stadium and information on how to book them will be available soon.

Key dates


1 August: Closing date for all Notices of Motion for Constitutional Changes.
28 August: Closing date for all other Notices of Motion.
28 August: Nominations for Vice-President close.


11 September: National Vice President election candidate information available online
18 September: Closing date for submissions to vote by proxy.
25 September: Registrations close.
25 September: Notice of National Council distributed (Agenda, minutes from last National Council, Financial Report, Notices of Motion, Nominees for Election)


15 October: Items for General Business must be received no later than 12pm


Proxy Voting Form

25 KB | DOCX


National Vice President Nomination Form

147 KB | DOC


National Vice President Candidate Questionnaire

29 KB | DOCX