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Outward Bound is a not-for-profit Trust, established to create better people, better communities and a better world. It offers courses designed to challenge individuals through outdoor activities by teaching practical skills in a safe and supportive environment. The Outward Bound courses promote self-reliance, confidence and leadership, giving individuals the tools to be a success in life.

The outward bounds philosophy aligns with the values of the RSAs, and we are proud to support young people from families with military backgrounds with a small grant to help pay for the costs to attend the courses offered.

Who is eligible to receive funding assistance?

Anyone who has direct family links to someone who has served in the New Zealand or Allied Forces from WWI to the present day.

How much is available per applicant?

Funding is limited to a maximum of $500 per qualifying applicant, from a pot of $10,000 per financial year.

How do people make an application?

Applicants need to complete an application form and return it to RSA National Office before the start date of the course. Any agreed funding will be paid directly to the course provider by the RSA.

As part of qualifying for the grant the applicant must show that they have been accepted for a relevant course by emailing or posting an invoice for the costs of the course, which Outward Bound supplies the applicant on acceptance.

Applicants should show what endeavours they have made or will make to cover the rest of the course costs – this shows the applicants commitment to attend the course.

Download an application form

Letter from a thankful applicant.

Read the letter here.



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