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Major Nikki Gardner (Burnham Camp Commander), Mr Eddie Bassett (RSA) Mrs Lynne Price (CSO) and Padre Ralph Bradley join the celebrations of the opening of the Hub

The RSA was proud to take part in last month’s grand opening of the new Burnham Military Camp Community “Hub,” a local support facility in the centre of the Selwyn District.

The Hub, a project initiated by Canterbury Community Services Officer Lynne Price, is the result of over two years of hard work by those involved – including the RSA, New Zealand Defence Force and generous community donors.

Eddie Bassett, RNZRSA Canterbury District Support Adviser , was one of the special guest attendees.

“The Hub provides a place for service personnel and their families to relax, spend time, and receive support,” he explains.

“It’s unique in the fact that this was built by the community, for the community. It will really benefit those service personnel and their families living in the area.”

Servicemen and women can access a range of RSA support services through the Hub, such as financial assistance, advice and advocacy, family care and connection to a network of people with similar military experiences. All RSA services are available at the Hub, regardless of whether an individual is a member of the RSA or not.

Since its opening, the venue has already welcomed a number of contemporary, currently serving personnel and has hosted a number of activities– some organised by NZDF Deployment and Community Services, and others lead entirely by local residents.

Eddie Bassett, spoke on behalf of the RSA, thanking the RSAs who contributed time, money and effort in order to bring the Hub to life.

The RSA is working to improve the links between local RSAs and NZDF camps and bases, to ensure support is available to military personnel and their families. We encourage anyone seeking assistance to contact their local RSA.



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