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New book documents Aussie fighters in NZ

Australians at War in New Zealand
Book Title:  Australians at War in New Zealand
Author:  Frank Glen
Publisher:  Willson Scott Publishing
RRP:  $80.00

Arthur Mitchell and Frank Glen share an historical connection. Mitchell’s Australian grandfather, Samuel Mitchell, was awarded a Victoria Cross during the New Zealand War of the 1860s, and Glen has just written a book documenting Australian involvement in this war.

Samuel Mitchell was one of the 2400 Australians who fought in the New Zealand Wars of the 1860s. They represented around 20% of the New Zealand Colonial Forces, as distinct from the British Imperial Forces.

Mitchell, an able seaman on the Curacoa, received the VC for his gallantry at the storming of Gate Pa, in the Bay of Plenty, on April 29, 1864. With the Colonial Forces in retreat, he carried his dying commander out. When the commander told him to leave him behind and save himself, Mitchell is said to have replied: “I will carry you whilst I walk.”

Mitchell received his VC in the Sydney Domain on a Saturday afternoon (September 24, 1864), before a crowd reported at 9000-10,000.

Australians at war in New Zealand has just been released by WillsonScott Publishing International Ltd, with launches on both sides of the Tasman. Glen was a chaplain for 28 years in the Australian Defence Force, New Zealand Defence Force and the New Zealand Police. He has contributed military-history papers at conferences in New Zealand and Australia, and was editor of the New Zealand Journal of Military History for five years.



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