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Vaccine A

by Gary Matsumoto

Hardcover 366 pages. ISBN 0-465-04400-X
RRP $54.95

Reviewed by Paul Harrison

The dramatic expose of the United States Armed Forces experimentations with a cocktail of drugs to overcome the effects of Gas Warfare. Members of the US Armed Forces fighting in the 1991 and 2003 Gulf Wars were inoculated with an “FDA” approved vaccine containing a substance call squalene. The author’s research has revealed that this ingredient has been responsible for several deaths and many serious illnesses amongst service personnel.

Some prominent scientists had become aware of this problem, but they were effectives silenced by authorities that realised the impact and retributions that would flow if it became known that the service personnel had in fact been used as human guinea pigs.
A recommended reading, on the complexities of providing protection against modern gas and chemical warfare, and the lengths that officialdom will go to hide a problem.



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