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A Drake at Sea - 'Hard to Put Down '

A War by Stealth: The story of Lt Walter Drake. DSC. RNZNVR, by Gerry Wright.

Published by Zenith Print. Review: Pat Duggan June 2011

As an ex-army man without much knowledge at all of the Royal Navy or the Royal New Zealand Naval Volunteer Reserve during World War 2. I found this book very interesting and informative. It is easy to read and, to be honest, hard to put down.

Gerry Wright re-tells the story of a very brave New Zealander right from initial enlistment in the army to a brave and unselfish service in the Royal Navy. It’s interesting to note that at the end of the war, Wally Drake was offered a full-time commission in the RN, but refused it and chose to come back to New Zealand.

Drake had a very interesting and full career, right from the time he left the army under somewhat devious circumstances. His service in the Battle of the Atlantic, his subsequent promotion, and the time he spent on Fairmile motor launches are covered in detail.

 Believe me when I say I now have even more admiration for the members of the Senior Service. In short it’s an excellent biography of a very brave and dedicated Kiwi, and it should be part of any writer’s research when looking at the service of Kiwi sailors in the Royal Navy in World War 2. Well written, well researched, and very easy to read.



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