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Mia Beckford with a message for her Great Grandad. Mia Beckford with a message for her Great Grandad.

World's Largest Poppy - An Opportunity for All New Zealanders to Honour Those Who Protected Democracy and Freedom

New Zealand is to host the world’s largest Poppy (a football field in size) in April this year to honour the ANZACS and the democracy and freedom they protected.

New Zealanders and the artist will place 59,000 red metal discs with their messages and their names to create The Giant Poppy Art installation for the WW1 100 year Anniversary. Everyone will be able to participate from all over the country and the world by going online. Also by personally visiting the Auckland Domain where the Poppy will be built over nine days before Anzac Day - April 16 to 24.

The 59,000 red metal discs symbolise the number of New Zealand men and women who were wounded or killed in WW1.

People in Auckland will be able to come to the Domain, and in return for giving a donation to support the RSA they will receive a disc. They can then write a personal message on the disc and place it as part of the Poppy build.

People outside of Auckland or overseas will be able to donate to support the RSA online via and a disc will be placed on their behalf.

All funds from obtaining and placing the discs whether at the Domain or online, support the RSA.

“I want all New Zealanders to make the Poppy their own, to use it to express their personal gratitude to those who protected our democracy and freedom,” said artist and creator Tony McNeight of The Big Poppy Art Project.



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