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Triumph on the Western Front Triumph on the Western Front. Triumph on the Western Front

Share the experiences of a Despatch Rider during World War 1 by reading his own words written as a diary during his years on the Western Front.

Oswald Harcourt Davis joined the Royal Engineers in 1916 and arrived in Abbeville, Somme, France in July that year. He was attached to the ANZACs and dished out a Triumph motorcycle to carry pigeons and vital messages at a time when communications were limited and risky.

Read in fascinating detail his journeys around the Somme and Ypres Salient areas and the difficulties he had to face. Ever facing the danger of being “bumped” and “knocked” he rose to duty’s call and made sure the pigeons got through. He cheated death on several occasions and admits he was scared and on the brink of cowardice, yet he was brave enough for decoration. He was awarded the Military Medal at Messines.

Oswald wanted to capture the language of the soldiers in the trenches and preserve an in-depth eye-witness account of what was said and what actually happened.

His war diary, Triumph on the Western Front, is the last piece of his literature to be published. He takes the reader on a vivid trip from wartime Britain in July 1915 to his voluntary recruitment where he is sent to the Somme and Flanders for the duration of the war. He finishes with a post-war trip to occupied Germany before demobilisation in February 1919.

Critic Reviews:

“A wonderful human story that explores the highways and byways of the Western front”

-Peter Hart, Imperial War Museum, London

“Publication of his diary, long after his death, allows Oswald Davis once again to ‘do his bit’, this time for the historical record.”

Order the book now by emailing Philip Holdway-Davis at

Or, purchase your book from TradeMe - just search for Triumph on the Western Front

$5 will be donated to the RSA for every book purchased direct through Trademe or Philip.

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