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Update from Veterans’ Affairs

Addressing Recent VSA 14 announcements by the RNZRSA:

There has been a significant number of issues raised regarding recent VSA 14 changes and policies announced by Veterans’ Affairs. These have been captured by National Office and we are in the process of clarifying these with Veterans’ Affairs and releasing an explanation to all interested parties.

This process takes time as we wait for Veterans’ Affairs to respond while balancing competing Support Services priorities. Rest assured, these matters are being followed up to ensure we can give our members complete, straight-forward answers and are well informed on the impact these changes will have in order to suggest changes to Veterans’ Affairs.

Veterans’ Support (Rates of War Pensions Act 1954) Allowances Order 2015

We have clarification on the Veteran Support (Rates of War Pensions Act 1954) Allowances Order 2015.

Last week, Veterans’ Support notified us that the Veterans’ Support (Rates of War Pensions Act 1954) Allowances Order 2015 was drafted to enable CPI increases to be made for the clothing allowance and attendant’s allowance from 1 April 2015.

These allowances did not have the appropriate authority to include CPI adjustments, hence why the order was created. Without it, these allowances would not have increased automatically in line with CPI. This means the order does not reduce entitlements – it increases it.

The inclusion of the Order in the Subordinate Legislation (Confirmation and Validation) Bill, enables Parliament to confirm the Order. You can view the Order on:

More NZDF Focus Groups

The Chief Executive, Support Services Manager and Marketing Communications Manager will be conducting focus groups with New Zealand Defence Force personnel in Devonport and RNZAF Base Whenuapai on 1 September 2015, following on from two very successful activities in Linton and Ohakea on 6 August 2015.



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