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RNZRSA CE David Moger proudly places a bumper sticker on his own vehicle The Returned and Services’ Association is urging New Zealanders to fly the current flag to show they want to keep it.

Today is the final day for New Zealanders to suggest a flag design and share values about what is important about New Zealand through the Flag Consideration Panel.

RSA National President BJ Clark says it’s important that those who want to keep the current flag also have a voice in the public discussion leading up to the flag referenda.

“The Flag Consideration Panel says it will utilise the values and themes expressed by New Zealanders to evaluate flag designs. Those values, including history and heritage, freedom and independence, are well represented by our current flag.”

“We respect the democratic process that is underway, and our goal is to make sure that those in favour of the current flag can express their view throughout the process.”

“That’s why we are encouraging New Zealanders to fly the flag. Not everyone has a flagpole so people can also fly the flag by getting a flag bumper sticker from the RSA and posting a virtual flag on social media.”

“We also want people who support the current flag to exercise their democratic right to vote in the first referendum later this year, by writing their choice on the ballot paper.”

“People can choose the fifth option – rather than voting for one of the four alternative designs, they can write on the ballot paper ‘I vote for the current flag’.”

“These ‘informal’ votes are also counted, so this is a way for people to register their views.” Mr Clark says the overwhelming majority of RSA members support keeping the current flag, and the RSA is also hearing from many other New Zealanders who are opposed to change.

“The RSA is standing up to fight for our flag, and welcomes others to join our stand.”

Mr Clark says the RSA doesn’t have a big bucket of money for expensive advertising, as its funds are committed to supporting current and former service men and women and their families.

New Zealanders can contribute by buying a bumper sticker from their local RSA, a list of which can be found on the RSA website or by making a donation on the RSA’s givealittle page

People can also join the fight by following the RSA on Facebook: www.facebook/RSANational and Twitter @RSA_National



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