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The Veterans Support Act is cu
The Veterans Support Act is cu
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RSA says preferred option is current New Zealand flag.

The Returned and Services’ Association (RSA) says the alternative designs for the New Zealand flag released today are less meaningful than our current flag.

The Flag Consultation panel has unveiled the alternatives that will be presented at the first referendum.

“There are some interesting designs on show, but none of them speak to me in the way the current flag does,” said RSA National President BJ Clark.

“Kiwis are creative ‘can do’ people so of course it was interesting to see the many varied and often entertaining tongue-in-cheek ideas people came up with. But there is nothing in the new options that persuade me there’s any point in changing the flag.

“The current flag reflects our Kiwi spirit and values, and has done so for more than a century.”

Mr Clark says people who support the current flag should exercise their democratic right in the first referendum by writing ‘I vote for the current flag’ on their first ballot paper.

“These ‘informal’ votes are also counted so it’s a very good way to ensure the voices of those who are fighting for our flag are heard loud and clear at every stage of this process.”

People can publicly show their support for the flag by ‘flying’ a ’fight for our flag’ bumper sticker costing $2 from their local RSA. A list of RSAs can be found on the RSA website You can also help fund the RSA’s fight for the flag by making a donation on the campaign givealittle page -

You can also join the fight by following the RSA on Facebook: www.facebook/RSANational and Twitter @RSA_National.

This release is authorised by BJ Clark, RSA President, 181 Willis St, Wellington 6011.




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