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DIY Commemorations

The RSA has today launched DIY Commemorations a free online toolkit of simple resources designed to help Kiwis deliver their own commemorative events and to find out more about how they can honour their family’s military history.

The toolkit is available to download at and covers a range of topics; from how to plan a commemorative event and maintaining and wearing medals, through to finding military service records.

RSA National President, BJ Clark, says the RSA developed DIY Commemorations to support New Zealand’s World War One centenary commemorations and empower Kiwis to celebrate and remember in ways that reflect their own unique history.

“Remembrance is not just a salute to the past. It’s also a way to carry the stories and ideals of our grandparents and great grandparents forward into our world today,” says Mr Clark.

“We encourage all Kiwis to use our guides and look for opportunities to weave in the stories and memories that will truly bring their commemorations to life.”

Derek Nees, who oversaw the development of the DIY Commemorations toolkit as part of the RSA Remembrance Committee, says many of the resources are particularly suited to schools, community organisations and workplaces who want to hold a memorial service or event.

“RSAs across the country may also be available to support communities and organisations with their commemorations,” says Mr Nees.

“Poppies, advice on protocol, information on local military history and a great venue for post commemorative events can all be found at your local RSA.”


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