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Ross Wardlaw (L), and Irene Wardlaw (R).

Waikato District Support Advisor awarded Local RSA Life membership, recognising years of community support 

The years of work of a RSA’s Waikato District Support Advisor have been formally recognised, with award of Life Membership to the Te Awamutu and District Memorial RSA. 

Irene Wardlaw received the award from the Te Awamutu RSA, on 19 August, recognising her hard work for the current and former service community and their dependents for more than 10 years. 

Irene has worked mainly in the Support Services area; she is a qualified Community Nurse, with an extensive background in the delivering of care and support to our Returned and Service personnel, and their families. 

Irene has also served in the NZ Army as a Nurse and was on duty at the time of the tragic Waiouru grenade accident that killed Sergeant Ken Hudson, RNZIR, GC. She has been strongly supported in the by both her husband, Ross Wardlaw, a Vietnam Veteran, and the Executive of the Te Awamutu RSA.

RSA National President BJ Clark said the service community was fortunate to have people like Irene.

“She’s done great things, working for many years and making life better for those in her community. Equally, she readily speaks up for those affected through service – for all those who have taken the oath, and their families, BJ said.

“I’m sure the hundreds of people she’s looked after and helped out will support me in commending the advocacy and care work Irene does. Life membership is just one small token of the respect and gratitude we can give her – for the many lives she’s positively changed.”





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