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The Camp Gallipoli Foundation is delighted to have formed a partnership with the Returned and Services' Association (RSA) as part of the Anzac Day centenary commemorations. 

Camp Gallipoli is a series of unique events being planned in major locations across Australia and New Zealand, to mark 100 years since the landing of Australian and New Zealand forces at Anzac Cove. Camp Gallipoli

New Zealand’s Camp Gallipoli event, to be held overnight on 24 April 2015 at Ellerslie Racecourse in Auckland, provides an opportunity for Kiwis of all ages to be a part of history and participate in a commemoration event. 

The evening will be filled with educational activities, video documentaries, interviews and a feature movie. There will also be entertainment with live performances by Evermore and 1814. 

Camp Gallipoli offers individuals, families and groups of all ages a memorable opportunity to sleep under the stars with their mates, like our Anzac soldiers did 100 years ago, waking to a moving Dawn Service on Anzac Day. 

RSA National President BJ (Barry) Clark says the association is thrilled to be involved with such a special event that captures the hearts and minds of the younger generations.

“The Anzac spirit and story has shaped the history and identity of both New Zealand and Australia. The opportunity to be involved in Camp Gallipoli ensures the Anzac spirit will continue to be understood, respected and prosper amongst future generations of Kiwis. 

“While the concept of Camp Gallipoli is simple, the message it delivers and the imagery shown throughout the event will undoubtedly be powerful and likely remain with all who attend for many years to come. 

“We urge all Kiwis to become involved – whether it’s attending Camp Gallipoli itself or teaching their children or grandchildren about Anzac Day and what it means to us as New Zealanders.”

Camp Gallipoli CEO Christopher Fox says, “Camp Gallipoli is a once in a lifetime opportunity for families and school groups to commemorate Anzac Day as participants, rather than spectators - as mates coming together on one special night to honour our brave soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice 100 years ago.

“Our partnership with the RSA will help make this event something truly special, one that participants will remember for the rest of their lives.”

Tickets are limited and are on sale now through Ticketek – or 0800 842 538. 

Profits from the New Zealand Camp Gallipoli event will be donated to the RSA to support veterans, ex-service personnel and their families in need, whether or not they are an RSA member.

For more information about Camp Gallipoli, visit



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