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HISTORY on SKY is recreating life in the trenches of WWI . HISTORY on SKY is recreating life in the trenches of WWI. Anzac History Brought Back to Life in Black and White Tribute

To mark the centenary of the Anzac landings at Gallipoli, HISTORY on SKY is recreating life in the trenches of WWI as New Zealand remembers its soldiers and honours all those who went to war.

This Friday at 3 Lorne Street in Auckland City, and next week in Wellington and Christchurch, Kiwis will have the opportunity to look back into history and learn about what the New Zealand soldiers experienced during the war. A reenactment has been established showing soldiers in trenches but with a twist – the entire live scene is in black and white, just as if it’s a piece of history taken straight from the film archives of the Great War.

Mike Watson, Marketing Director at SKY says, “As time goes the battles of Gallipoli and the Western front become ever more distant. 

Although there is some amazing film from the era looking at historic black and white footage makes the viewer even more detached. This year SKY and HISTORY are proudly presenting Unforgotten Soldiers– an Anzac Tribute, by bringing you face to face with history as we remember it.”

RSA Chief Executive, David Moger says, “This Anzac Day marks the centenary of the landings at Gallipoli, but 100 years on we no longer have WWI veterans with us to share their stories and experiences first-hand. HISTORY is allowing the families of our heroes, and the younger generations a rather unique opportunity to discover what life was like during the war."

“We hope Kiwis will join us at the trenches as we remember all those who’ve given everything for their country, and us,” adds Mike.

The campaign forms part of the H100 programme, an on-channel event featuring a huge amount of shows and content from WWI and beyond. HISTORY can be found on SKY Channel 073.

The Unforgotten Soldiers – an Anzac Tribute:

Auckland – 3 Lorne Street, Friday 17th April, 8.00am – 06.00pm

Wellington – Civic Square, Tuesday 21st April, 8.00am – 04.00pm

Christchurch – Re: START mall, Cashell Street, Wednesday 22nd April 10am – 05.30pm



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