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About the RSA

Courage, Compassion, Camaraderie, Commitment

The values that built our society post war

The RSA was formed in New Zealand in 1916 by returning Anzacs during World War One to provide support and comfort for service men and women and their families.

Today we have 105,000 members throughout New Zealand. People join us because their parents or grandparents did, because they want to connect with the values we foster, because it’s a great place to socialise and bring the family, and because they want to keep New Zealand communities, safe, fun, healthy, and inclusive. 

The objectives of the RSA are:

  • Loyally to uphold the sovereignty of New Zealand as a member of the Commonwealth of Nations and as a member of the United Nations.
  • To foster and maintain the welfare and security of New Zealand within the concept of the establishment and maintenance of international peace with honour.
  • To inculcate in the individual a sense of responsibility to his fellow citizens, to his local community, and for the well-being of mankind.
  • To perpetuate the comradeship born of service and to promote the general welfare of servicemen and former servicemen, their respective dependents and the former dependants of deceased servicemen or ex-servicemen.
  • To promote, foster and generally supervise local Associations and RSA Clubs throughout New Zealand.


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